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Monday, April 20, 2009

News: Eli Roth to make "Thanksgiving" a full feature film

In 2007, Eli Roth made a "fake" trailer for Quentin Tarantino's and Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse double feature called "Thanksgiving", a horror movie about a Thanksgiving day killer. Roth said he got the idea because Thanksgiving was the only holiday he could think of that hasn't been used for a horror movie theme. 

After audience response and demand, Roth has decided that he will turn the trailer into a full length movie. It is rumored that Robert Rodriguez will do the same for his trailer from the same project called "Machete".

Roth is now shooting for his next film. His current project is a big secret but some say that he is adapting Stephen King's novel "The Cell". Roth said he wants to shoot this project and then extend the shooting for three weeks to film Thanksgiving and knock it out in those three weeks alone. 

I think this would be a good move. He can completely get away with shooting this cheaply and quickly because that will only ad to the authenticity of what he is going for anyway. With the buzz this has gotten since the few minute trailer, I can only imagine that they will make double if not triple back of what it will cost to make this. Better yet, they could put Thanksgiving and Machete on the same bill like they did the first time with Planet Terror and Death Proof. 

Together or not, I am looking forward to both of these. I was very glad to hear the Roth was going to be making Thanksgiving!

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