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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Must See Movie: Tokyo Gore Police

I think this is the most insane and F$#ked up movie I have ever seen! 

And I loved every minute of it! 

Tokyo Gore Police has no boundaries and no shame. This movie is not for the weak stomached or the faint hearted. I know you've heard this said about many movies, but trust me on this one! 

For many years now I've considered Peter Jackson's Dead Alive the goriest movie ever. Not the scariest or the most brutally violent, but the goriest movie I have ever seen. I think Tokyo Gore Police just one upped it, and that is no easy task. This movie is farther than over the top and it is damn proud of it.

With that said, the violence and gore in Tokyo Gore Police is not entirely mean spirited compared to such horror films like The Devil's Rejects and Cannibal Holocaust. Those two films are more of a brutal and abrasive violence because it is so realistic. Tokyo Gore Police is more of a gorefest than both those films put together, but it has more fun. The deaths and dismemberments are very exploitative and extremely operatic. Kind of like Ichi the Killer, except this movie makes Ichi the Killer look like Juno. This has to be one of the biggest blood baths in film history. What makes this movie so good though, is not just blood and guts for blood and gut's sake. It does it so creatively that it makes for many disturbingly beautiful shots. This film is so bloody that it will use blood as cinematic art. This movie is visually stunning because of it's gore and violence. 

Another thing is that this film is extremely perverted. Like, beyond BDSM perverted. Some images in this movie will stay with you for life. I promise. Some things you just can't unsee. Part of me appreciates the creativity of coming up with some of this stuff, and part of me thinks some therapy sessions may have been in order. But either way it makes for great interesting cinema. When it comes to this genre, some say the crazier the better. 

Think Pan's Labyrinth meets Dead Alive meets Ichi the Killer and they all go to a fetish club in Hell!

While it's gore-factor competes if not surpasses any horror movie, this is actually a science fiction movie with a pretty decent plot. It takes place in the future (as most sci-fi films do) and the Tokyo police are at war with these genetically modified super human criminals called "engineers". These engineers can turn their wounds into weapons. So if you cut off their arm, they can bio-fuse it into a much deadlier weapon. Ruka is the top engineer hunter and it's her job to wipe out these pests completely. Even though she struggles with her fathers death and is still vengeful towards her father's killer, she lets nothing stand in the way of her doing her job of slicing and dicing her way to the cause of the engineers.
Ruka is played by a young actress named Eihi Shina, whom you may remember from another great movie called Audition. Shina is absolutely amazing in this film. She's not the superstar here in the states that she is in Asia, but it's only a matter of time before we come around to her great talent as an actress. 

While being a gorehounds paradise, this film is also very well directed with style and visual substance, and the cinematography is horrifyingly beautiful. I'm starting to notice that Asian film makers seem to have more of a freedom and ballsy attitude towards cinema than we let ourselves have over here sometimes. They seem to be having fun with their work,  while we are just working. Along with all the carnage and bloodshed, this film even finds time to be very funny and satirical. It's not just one thing or the other, it's many things at once.

I could go on and on about how much I love this movie, but I'll just say this...

If you are a fan of horror and/or sci-fi, you MUST see this movie! As I said it is not for the faint hearted, but if you are like me and your philosophy on violence in movies is "The gorier the better", then boy do I have a movie for you! 

I enjoyed every aspect of this movie. Something like this doesn't come along everyday. This is an instant cult-classic. It is over the top in the best of ways. Check this one out and tell me what you think! 

I'll say it one last time. This movie is extreme, bloody, ruthless, over the top, perverted, freaky, and completely insane.

Just don't say I didn't warn you!

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