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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Review: Sleepaway Camp

"You Won't Be Coming Home"

It's movies like these that remind me why I love low-budget horror films. 

They have the balls to do whatever they want and they are just plain fun. 

Sleepaway Camp is campy, funny, and very perverted. It's not the goriest movie you will ever see, but it does have it's moments and makes up for the lack of bloodshed with weirdness and suspense. 

Even though it is as low budget as they come, it still kept me interested and wondering what was going to happen next. Because in these kind of films, you never know. There is no safe zone like there is in so many big Hollywood movies. All the rules go right out the window, and thats why we love them.

The story is about this girl who witnesses her family get killed in a boating accident when she was a child. We jump ahead to eight years later and she and her cousin are living with their aunt. But this year their aunt is sending them away to camp for the summer. 

They arrive at the camp, but the girl is anti-social and refuses to speak. She is still not over the trauma of losing her family. Meanwhile, a mysterious killer is knocking off campers one by one. 

This film has one of the weirdest endings I have ever seen. I wont say anything because I don"t want to spoil it. It's one of those things that's half funny and half disturbing. 

If you can get past the low budget, some bad acting, cheesy humor, 80's iconology and guys wearing really short shorts.... then you should enjoy Sleepaway Camp. 

If not, I understand...

More than just a slasher movie, Sleepaway Camp is more involved in character structure and humor. Sometimes intentional, sometimes not. I found this movie very funny!

As I said, this is a sleazy film. 

It's as if you took American Pie:Band Camp and threw it in the gutter. Then shoveled it back up and spliced it with Friday the 13th and then let John Waters direct it.

Then you might have something like Sleepaway Camp. 

If you enjoy sleazy campy fun, then I recommend this cult classic. 


  1. I love this movie - the ending is great, and I love men in short shorts.

    If you haven't seen the sequels, you should check them out - they're witty and fun, though they can't equal the shock of the original ending of course. You can totally miss the most recent installment though - it's beyond awful.

  2. I've been curious to check out the sequels. Yea, I doubt they can live up to the first one in some levels but still interested.

    Thanks for the tip!


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