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Monday, March 23, 2009

Must See Movie: Gran Torino

Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" is by far the best movie I have seen this year. This is one of those movies you know will be good, but this film gave me goosebumps throughout and left me inspired after. Eastwood wrote, directed and stars(he is in just about every shot) in what could be his best film. We all remember Clint from the days of the tough and rugged westerns of the sixties and seventies and the "Dirty Harry" "Tightrope" hard-ass cop films of the eighties. My friends, let me be the first to tell you, this man has not lost one strand of his edge and toughness. I am in my late twenties and I believe Eastwood is in his mid-seventies, but I would put my tail between my legs before I messed with this guy. 

In "Gran Torino" we follow a widowed Korean war vet named Walt Kawalski. Kawalski has lived in the same neighborhood almost all his life, except these days, the town is totally populated by Hmongs and Walt is the only white man left in the neighborhood. Since his wife passed away, he spends his days caring for his house and garden, talking to his dog and keeping a watchful eye on his prize possession, a 1970 Gran Torino. One day the young Hmong boy next door attempts to steal Walt's car but then is greeted by Walt and his rifle. The boy, being pressured by his cousin and his friend's into the gang life that seems to be taking over the town, is really a good kid who is at a fork in the road in his young life. Walt eventually sees this and is determined to steer the boy in the right direction, in his own way. With this he becomes somewhat of a protector of the boy and his sister. He becomes a man who will fight against the scum and riff-raff on the streets where he spent his life. And in the process he teaches a young boy what it takes to be a man. 

Walt Kawalski is a bitter, angry racist who you cant help but love and empathize with because he is not a real racist, you don't get the feeling that he hates people based on their race. He just has a habit of calling it as he sees it. And if you don't like it he would probably tell you to go %^& yourself. He is like a stern father or a drill sergent in the fact that this man does not believe in handouts or that he owes you anything. If you want something from Walt, you have to earn it, including his respect. 

In conclusion, this movie helped calm a fear of mine. I have always had a fear of getting old, a fear most of us have. This film showed he that having a pair of nuts is ageless and that you are never too old to be a hero. And my friends, in my opinion this movie is just that, a super hero movie. Walt Kawalski was never a Marvel or DC comic, he does not wear a cape or costume, he does not have a tag line and he does not have any superhuman powers. He is just a man who will not take it anymore. A man who decided to do something. A man who saw people in a bad situation and decided to lend a hand. If thats not a hero, I don't know what is!

Eastwood shines throughout this film. He is our great American tough guy and this film does not let you forget that! I feel many actors would not have the balls to play this character. Eastwood wrote him and plays him beautifully! Some rumor that this will be Eastwood's last picture. I would be deeply sad if this news was true. In an era of fluff and remakes, we need him now more than ever!

This is a super hero movie! Not in the fashion that you're use to, but if a hero lived right next door here in the REAL world. This movie is a cattle call to senior citizens that they are not useless or helpless, that you are never too old to stand up to the scum in this world, even if they are one-fourth your age. This movie is real, this movie is inspiring, this movie is brutal, this movie is GREAT! 

If you read this review and don't agree with me that it is one of the best of the decade... Then i will give you any money back that you spent to watch it. I'm that confident on this one! But before I pay you I will have to check your pulse. To make sure you have a heart!

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